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Operating and maintaining a library dedicated to agricultural economics has been a key task of the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics since inception, with the goal being to support research and documentation in this specialty field.

Main collection areas of the AWI Library:

  • Agricultural economics and policy (macroeconomics)
  • Agricultural market research
  • Agriculture-related information and documentation, including sources on the WWW
  • Business economics (microeconomics)
  • Rural sociology
  • General economics and economic policy
  • Social research
  • Regional research and planning
  • Economic and social history
  • Ecology
  • World agricultural and food economics

The AWI Library has systematically documented (i.e., evaluated, indexed and catalogued) important scientific articles pertaining to the field of agricultural economics sine 1960.

The library’s collection currently totals some 44,015 book titles, 420 scientific journals, periodicals and magazines, and approx. 250 serial publications (yearbooks, activity reports, green reports, and national and international agricultural statistics). Some 600 titles are added annually, of which approx. 500 are monographs. In addition, scientific journals and periodicals are regularly exchanged with 140 institutions nationally and internationally. Some 60,000 titles – of which over half are journal articles – are currently available via the library’s online catalogue.