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Research projects

Naturparks und Wirtschaft -EU Interreg IIIB CADSES Projekt

Project number: AWI/159/06

Project staff: Wagner, K.; Neuwirth, J.

Partner: Provinz Teramo, IT (Lead Partner); Provinz Rimini, IT (2. Lead Partner); Gemeinde Mel, IT; Region Muldentalkreis, DE; Denkmalschmiede Höfgen, DE; Förderverein für Handwerk und Denkmalpflege Schloss Trebsen, DE; Gemeinde Lidoriki, GR; Regionales Umweltzentrum (Kisuce Park), SK; Verwaltung des Naturparks "Vratchansky Balkan", BG; Corvinus University, HU

The period specified: 2007 - 2008

Project description: 

Rural areas which have been declared as nature protection zones feature unique natural conditions and landscapes; however, they are often confronted with signifi cant problems with respect to economic and demographic development. The Interreg IIIB CADSES project "Parks & Economy" set out to tackle these discrepancies in an attempt to identify, and ultimately make use of, synergies between nature protection and the regional economy, as a means of satisfying the broader goal of promoting a sustainable regional development that integrates natural, social and economic considerations. Towards these ends, the project applied a common framework of methods consisting of SWOT, success factor and stakeholder analyses. Based on the results, development and marketing plans (DEMAPs) have been developed and implemented in each of the applicable project regions. The synthesis of regional SWOT analyses points to a linkage between positive economic development and negative environmental consequences, an aspect to be avoided if sustainable regional development within the context of the project goals is to be achieved. As for the resulting DEMAPs, they show that the formulated objectives, strategies and actions were able to address multiple regional development aspects, thus reinforcing the many extant opportunities offered by the advantageous natural landscape (for nature protection, tourism, agriculture and services). Also signifi cant is the fact that the planned measures achieved a balance between the needs of the local ecology, economy and social structure. With respect to implementation, a mixture of public, private and European funding, a better collaboration among nature parks and tourism managers, improved soft skills, the ongoing evaluation of implemented actions and greater public involvement have been recommended, as all will remain vital to the regional development process. Several key measures, such as the establishment and/or unifi cation of regional trademarks, signposts and other marketing-related actions were directly implemented as part of the "Parks & Economy" project. Project web page:


Nature Parks as Planning Objects within Integrated Regional Development - Results of the Interreg IIIB Project "Parks Economy". Agrarpolitischer Arbeitsbehelf Nr. 29 der Bundesanstalt für Agrarwirtschaft  >