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Research projects

Agriculture and Flood Risk

Project number: AWI/162/08

Project staff: Wagner, K.; Janetschek, H.; Neuwirth, J.

Partner: Eberstaller Zauner Büros; Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung; Umweltbundesamt

The period specified: 2007 - 2009

Project description: 

Agricultural areas are affected by floodings very much. Aims of the project are to create the theoretical basis for regional planning on agricultural areas by valuating the function of water retention and hazard risks and to show priorities for measures in certain regions. Also models for compensation payments for taking flood precautions in agriculture and in case of floodings should be created. It is built on the experience of former Interreg and EU FP projects of the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics and existing data and estimations of cross margins. The result on the one hand is an avealuation model on regional basis for agricultural areas concerning the retention function and on the other a compensation model for agricultural land use in flooding risk zones.


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