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Research projects

Competitiveness of sugar beet production in Austria after 2013

Project number: AWI/166/09

Project staff: Kirner, L.

Partner: Vereinigung der österreichischen Rübenbauern; BMLFUW, Abt. III/11; Andreas Steinwidder, Erich Pötsch, LFZ-Raumberg-Gumpenstein

The period specified: 2009 - 2010

Project description: 

The present study analyses the competitiveness of sugar beet production in Austria under changed conditions from 2013. The results of the study provide fundamental findings for farmers how to produce and invest in the period after 2013. Additionally, a written survey analyses the possible responses of sugar beet producers in Austria if conditions in agricultural policy and markets change significantly. As a consequence of the outcomes, the study support domestic agricultural policy with appropriate information.