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Research projects

Supply security of protein crops in Austria

Project number: AWI167/09

Project staff: Pistrich, K.; Wendtner, S.; Janetschek, H.; Neuwirth, J.

Partner: BMLFUW, Abt. III/9; Geplant: AMA; WKÖ; STAT; Bio Austria; LKÖ; AGES

The period specified: 2009 - 2012

Project description: 

Livestock production plays an important role in the Austrian agriculture. Comparing supply and demand for plant protein, Austria as well as other European countries faces a gap and depends on imports. According to data of Statistics Austria domestic production of soy beans was less than 5 % compared to total imports in 2007. Considering the prevailing public opinion on a GMO-free production in Austria the main objective of this project is to analyse the current supply of the domestic market with plant protein, to identify alternative sources of protein and to reveal considerable opportunities for further diversification and substitutes.