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Mathias Renner-Martin

  +43 (1) 877 36 51 - 637487
  +43 (1) 877 36 51 - 637490

Graduate of the Secondary Agriculture and Forestry College for Agriculture at Ursprung/Elixhausen and the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy in Ober-St.Veit (Vienna)

Since 1992: Staff member of the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics
Since 1994: Department of Methodology, EDP and Information

Main areas of work

  • EDP (LAN, Intranet, Internet)
  • Software development
  • System administration

Research Projects and Scientific Activities

  • Digitizing Austrian secondary colleges for agriculture and forestry >
  • Development of a method for time series analyses based on Austrian farm account-ancy data >
  • Gross margins and databases for the business planning >
  • Preparation of the bases for the Green Report and FADN as well as its scientific further development >
  • Data base structuring and management system >
  • Typology of Farms for the Presentation of the Economic Performance of Agriculture  >