Sustainable development: an employers’ perspective. Schriftenreihe der Bundesanstalt für Agrarwirtschaft Nr. 104

Quendler, E.Jannie von der LuitMassimo MonteleonePedro AguadoManou PfeiffenschneiderWagner, K.Francesca ValenteCristina Cunha-Queda


A great many people have already embraced the need for education and training as a key to moving the workforce and society in general towards a sustainable living process. Education bodies and employers are beginning to recognise this trend and know about the need for training in the manifold aspects of sustainable development (SD). Different actions are being set by educational bodies and employers are also becoming aware of the needs (competences, knowledge and skills for SD) of their employees.

39 partners in 30 countries have carried out a network project about "Innovation in the teaching of Sustainable Development in Life Sciences in Europe" (ISLE Erasmus Thematic Network). Firstly, this project enables one to develop and exchange thinking and practise on SD in teaching. Secondly, it focuses on the needs of employers by conducting a survey.

The purpose of this report was to identify competences, knowledge and skills for SD required by the European workforce in order to supply Higher Education Institutions in the field of life sciences (HEIs) with information on how they can adapt their curricula. In this report an indication is given of:

(1) whether the concept of SD is present in education and companies;

(2) the importance of SD issues, competences, knowledge and skills according to professional practise, in Europe; and

(3) whether there is a need for new jobs in the field of SD.