Resilience as an inclusive approach for sustaninable, good life - a concept. In: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Product Design (Publisher): Proceedings of the 20th International Sustainable Development Research Conference Trondheim 18-20 June 2014 (p518-527), ISBN: 978-82-91917-34-4

Quendler, E.


Under the perspective of the current economic, environmental and social challenges one may say that human development is increasingly losing its resilience. This notwithstanding, over time humanity has shaped nature and nature has shaped the development of human society. A perspective that considers nature and humanity as one system is central to resilience theory. Resilience theory represents a shift in how we view the relationship between environmental issues, economic development, and the health and well-being of human populations. This paper draws upon an idea of resilience within the focus of sustainable development and of quality of life in order to elaborate an approach to the idea of "a sustainable, good life" by applying an adaptive cycle of a sustainable, good life in a Driving force-Pressure-State-Exposure-Effect-Action framework.