Josef Hambrusch

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  +43 (1) 877 36 51 - 637490

1994: Graduate of the Secondary Agriculture and Forestry College at Ursprung/Elixhausen

2002: Agricultural Sciences graduate of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna
2001: Completed studies abroad at the University of Aberdeen, UK
2002: Graduate of the College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy, Vienna

2002 - 2003: Research staff member of the Institute of Agricultural Economics (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna)
Since 2003: Research staff member in the Agricultural and Food Market Department of the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics

Main areas of work

  • Policy analyses (CAP)
  • Market analyses on the common organisation of markets (fruit and vegetables, bananas, honey)
  • Foreign trade analyses
  • Producer Support Estimate concept of the OECD
  • Comparative analyses of economic data on pig farming
  • Editing the federal report of Austrian pig farmers
  • Economic analyses on small ruminant farming
  • Participation in Twinning-Projects of the European Commission

Research Projects and Scientific Activities

  • Ongoing Evaluation of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020: coordination and evaluation of "package B" - viability of farms and competitiveness >
  • GAP nach 2020 >
  • Options for stabilising income of agricultural holdings >
  • Volume flows in Austria’s grain sector >
  • Data base structuring and management system >
  • Economic Analyses and consultancy relating to OECD and WTO >
  • Comparative Analyses of Economic Data in Cash Crop Farming used in Further Education Programmes >
  • National report on Austrian pig producers - a comparative analysis of working group data >
  • International Farm Comparison Network - IFCN >


Hambrusch, J. und Kirner, L. (2013): Ökonomische Perspektiven der Schaf- und Ziegenhaltung in Österreich ab 2014. Agrarpolitischer Arbeitsbehelf Nr. 42 der Bundesanstalt für Agrarwirtschaft.. >

Hambrusch, J. und Weber, N. (2013): Evaluation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Operational Programmes in the Fruit and Vegetables Sector (2012). Austria. http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/fruit-and-vegetables/country-files/at_en.htm. >

Hambrusch, J. und Tribl, Ch. (2012): Möglichkeiten einer Kompensation von Einkommensrückgängen in der österreichischen Landwirtschaft. In: Hambrusch, J., Hoffmann, C., Kantelhardt, J. und Oedl-Wieser, T. (Hrsg.), Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Agrarökonomie, Band 21, Heft 2 (S. 41 - 50). Wien: facultas.wuv. >

Hambrusch, J. und Tribl, Ch. (2012): Risikomanagement in der Landwirtschaft. >

Hambrusch, J.; Kirner, L. und Ortner, K.M. (2006): Technical and scale efficiency in Austrian dairy farming. Proceeding of the international scientific conference: "Economic sciences for rural development". In: Economic Science for Rural Development No 10, 42-59. ISBN 9984-784-05-3.. Jelgava. >

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