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Geographic Agricultural Areas

Karte der landwirtschaftlichen Lagen, Karte der NUTS 3 Gebiete
Karte der landwirtschaftlichen Lagen, Karte der NUTS 3 Gebiete

To meet the new statistical requirements resulting from Austria’s accession to the EU, three main geographic agricultural areas were delineated (by Wagner, 1996) on the basis of the NUTS III regions. As with the demarcation of major and minor agricultural production areas (LINK), elevation and slope gradient in combination with the type and size of agricultural holdings (based on holdings classifications by Binder and Pfingstner) were the criteria used to establish the boundaries of the geographic agricultural areas. Because they integrate the larger NUTS-III statistical units, Austria’s geographic agricultural areas enable a higher degree of generalisation than do the major and minor agricultural production areas..

Among other applications, the country’s geographic agricultural areas are used for updating the state of agriculture in the Austrian Green Report of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, but also as part of diverse research projects which incorporate structural analyses on a regional level.

All available statistics on either the community (Gemeinde) or NUTS III level can furthermore be aggregated by geographic agricultural area.

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