Karlheinz Pistrich

  +43 (1) 877 36 51 - 637482
  +43 (1) 877 36 51 - 637490

Graduate of college for alpine agriculture in Raumberg now Agricultural Research and Education Centre Raumberg
Agricultural Economics graduate of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna
1999 - 2002: Research assistant at the Institute of Agricultural Economics (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna)
Since March 2002: Staff member of the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Market and Food Economics Department


Main areas of work

  • Cattle and pig production forecasts
  • Market analyses
  • Responsible for the AWI online data pool
  • Agricultural foreign trade
  • Agricultural statistics
  • Evaluations (Rural Development Programme)
  • ALFIS, Allgemeines land- und forstwirtschaftliches Informationssystem (“Common Agricultural and Forestry Information System”)
  • EUROSTAT "Animal Production Statistics" working group
  • Representative of Staff Council

Research Projects and Scientific Activities

  • Agricultural Price Indices >
  • Feeding protein balance >
  • Preparation of the bases for the Green Report and FADN as well as its scientific further development >
  • Data base structuring and management system >
  • Econometric Models of the Austrian Pig and Cattle Market >


Pistrich, K. (2009): Rindermarktübersicht und Prognose der Rinder-Bruttoeigenerzeugung für 2009 und 2010. >

Pistrich, K. (2008): Landwirtschaftlicher Außenhandel 2007. In: Grüner Bericht 2008.

Wytrzens, H.K. und Pistrich, K. (2003): Measuring the multifunctionality of mountainous grassland in Austria. In: Brandt, J. and Vejre, H. (eds.): Multifunctional Landscapes - Volume II - Monitoring, Diversity and Management. 41 - 58. Southampton, Boston: WITpress.. Southhampton, Boston.

more publications>